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Ready to help staff the most innovative course on campus? 1

CS 125 needs your help to teach computer science and programming to thousands of students each year. If you’ve taken the course or have equivalent knowledge, you’re ready to directly help other students and get paid or earn course credit.

And we also have more challenging roles available for more experienced students willing to assume course leadership roles.

Head Course Assistant

CS 125 Head Course Assistants assume significant leadership over the day-to-day operations and future direction of the course.

As a Head CA, you’ll be directly involved in the day-to-day operation of CS 125. Head CAs are expected to be leaders, technologically sharp, and willing to assume responsibility for delivering or maintaining significant course components.

CS 125 has a large and varied technological footprint. As Head CA you might be responsible for designing and delivering an entire set of assessments: a machine project or semester-long set of homework problems. Or you could be put in charge of maintaining the CS 125 Kubernetes cloud and the many microservices running on it, which range from simple data pumps to complex services supported by multiple containers. Or you might be asked to own one of our multiple incubating projects: the 2 CS 125 App, an ongoing effort to generate small problem test suites from solutions, a crowdsourced system for performing distributed code review, or something new and exciting we haven’t thought up yet. A particular need over the next few semesters is students that are excited about either Kotlin, React, or both.

To apply for this position please contact Geoffrey Challen.

Office Hour Captain

CS 125 Office Hour Captains are paid course staff responsible for making sure that office hours and the forum run smoothly.

Your responsibilities will include captaining a certain number of office hours a week, attending weekly captains' meetings, and helping train the rest of the course assistants. During office hours Captains both provide Tier 2 support and help manage the rest of the staff to ensure that student questions are answered.

To apply for this position please contact Geoffrey Challen.

Course Assistant

As a Course Assistant, you’ll interact directly with students during office hours and in labs—you’ll be the wise counselor, the one providing encouragement, and provide a sympathetic ear to students when they are just plain frustrated 3.

Being a CS 125 Course Assistant is a paid 10 hour per week time commitment. Most of your time will be spent in office hours or helping with labs. But there will also be a weekly meeting to attend, and you may be asked to help with training sessions or material development. To read more about the CA position and apply click here. However, we want to emphasize a few things:

  1. You do not need to have aced the class to be a CA or to become a good CA. Helping others with their code requires training and practice. We’ll provide both. And if you’ve struggled a bit you’ll be in a better position to empathize with struggling students.

  2. Teaching other students will help you learn the material better. So this is a great thing to do before you move on to CS 225—particularly if you aren’t taking CS 126.

Apply by filling out this form.

Course Assistant in Training

Course Assistants in Training are preparing to become Course Assistants.

Compared with a Course Assistant you’ll do fewer hours, earn course credit in lieu of being paid, and be ready to apply for a position as a Course Assistant in the following semester.

Apply by filling out this form.

Course Developers

CS 125 also has a smaller set of paid undergraduate staff positions. With the CAs available to staff office hours and hold labs, our paid positions involve little to no student contact 4. Instead, we turn you loose on exciting and challenging development projects designed to make the course better in the long run. Past CS 125 course developers have worked on our grade return system, course data analysis, plagiarism detection, MP development, and helped plan our first final project fair. Course developer positions are 10 hour / week positions with pay starting at $11 / hour but negotiable for more experienced developers.

We always have a variety of exciting projects involving lots of different technologies and environments. Peruse the full list here. But we’re very flexible about what course developers work on and happy to work with you to strengthen your skill set. We are excited about these projects and want them to make forward progress—but overall this is primarily a learning experience for the course developers.

To apply for this position please contact Geoffrey Challen.

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